“Everyone Goes Home Safe”

Award-Winning Safety Performance

Performance Statistics

Year EMR LTI Rate TRIR (Corporate)
2020 0.56 0.19 1.07
2019 0.53 0.18 1.08
2018 0.70 0.00 1.15

Our safety management system encompasses the following key elements:

Planning: At the onset of a project, we perform project hazard assessments, identify risks and implement control measures. During the project, we perform daily job safety analysis to enable us to identify new hazards that may arise and control them to ensure that work is done safely.  

Training and development: We provide comprehensive training including orientation, job-specific training, toolbox talks, first aid training, training on the use of PPE. Our trained coordinators and supervisors are equipped to empower the workers and provide relevant guidance and supervision.  We provide our customers with highly trained safety personnel, trained through our internal apprenticeship program, to preserve our culture and commitment to safety.

Safety Training Management System: We have a unique and proprietary Training Management System called “Training Tracker” which administers online training (including test) and provides certification/confirmation of test completion stamped with the date. It also tracks all health and safety training completed by the worker. To complement the Training Tracker, we have a mobile app that is used for on-site construction management of all personnel on a specific project. The mobile app simplifies the process for safety log-in. It also provides on-site information for each worker on the training he/she has received.

Communication: Our communication system ensures timely, proficient, organized, and appropriate responses, easy dissemination of information, collaboration and participation between all stakeholders across our sites.

Safety audits and monitoring: Our inspection, audit, and maintenance programs aided by our comprehensive reporting and records-keeping, enable monthly analysis to identify trends and determine the need for potential revisions to our programs and/or policies. In addition to this, management conducts an annual review of the system, goals and objectives, to ensure their relevance to evolving business needs and environment.

Continual Improvement: Our safety culture of continuous improvement allows us to incorporate industry best practices to ensure the safety of our employees and our clients. We also collect and analyze data from projects to improve our safety processes.

Safety Certifications:

Safety Training Services:

Emergency Rescue Services:

  • Internal Confined Space Rescuers with equipment
  • High-angle rescue
  • MoH&LC Certified Advance Emergency Medical Care Assistant (Paramedic)
  • Advance Medical First Responder

Safety Awards

HHCA 2018 – 2020 Health & Safety Achievement Award
ECAO R.H. Carroll Safety Award 2017
MCA Toronto – 2015 Award of Merit
Indiana Construction Association Gold Summit Zero Injury Pinnacle for 2009 – 2012
TransCanada Pipelines Contractor Safety Award of Excellence
ArcelorMittal Dofasco Zero Frequency Lost Time Injury Award (100,000 hours)

NMAPC Zero Injury Awards – Gold Star Award

Year Work Hours Client
2018 1,077,053 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2017 1,039,105 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2016 1,001,157 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station

NMAPC Zero Injury Awards – Silver Star Award

Year Work Hours Client
2015 981,146 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2014 965,566 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2013 950,299 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2012 921,028 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2011 856,043 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2010 817,591 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2009 791,191 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station
2008 502,007 Alcoa Warrick Generating Station

NMAPC Zero Injury Awards – Certificate of Merit

Year Work Hours Client
2018 163,429 GM Tonawanda Engine Plant
2018 74,693 GM Lockport Operations
2017 59,705 GM Tonawanda Engine Plant
2017 50,769 GM Lockport Operations
2016 136,715 Alcoa Warrick Operation
2015 119,625 Alcoa Warrick Operation
2014 105,319 Alcoa Warrick Operation
2013 91,758 Alcoa Warrick Operation
2012 78,055 Alcoa Warrick Operation
2011 59,784 Alcoa Warrick Operation

Cardinal Safety Rules

  1. Be Fit for Work Physically & Mentally
  2. Follow Lock Out/Tag Out Requirements
  3. DO NOT Disable Safety Devices
  4. Follow Confined Space Requirements
  5. Follow Fall Protection/Prevention Requirements
  6. Stay Out of Harm’s Way
  7. Always Use Required PPE
  8. Report All Accidents/Incidents
  9. Communicate Changes to Supervisor
  10. Follow All Customer Requirements