Indigenous People Policy

The State Group Inc is committed to working with Indigenous communities in a true spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility. We are committed to creating positive relationships based on a foundation of trust and respect. Our efforts will be built to sustain effective relationships that bring social and economic benefits to Indigenous communities and our company while also protecting the environment.

To meet our commitment, the actions of the company and its staff, employees and contractors will be guided by the following principles:

The State Group Inc. recognizes the inherent and constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the US;

The State Group Inc. recognizes the importance of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the context of existing Canadian law and the protection of Indigenous Peoples under constitutional obligations in both Canada and the US;

The State Group Inc. respects and embraces that Indigenous Peoples have traditional indigenous knowledge, values, and beliefs;

The State Group Inc. supports fair and equal access to training, education, employment, and business opportunities for Indigenous communities in which we operate; and,

The State Group Inc. encourages awareness of Indigenous cultures and history within its workforce and communities where it operates and is committed to educating staff, employees, and contractors to achieve a better understanding and appreciation of Indigenous People’s history, culture, knowledge, values and beliefs.

Indigenous People Policy (PDF)

State Group CCAB Member Certificate (PDF)