Multi-trade Construction

Our team of experts provide comprehensive services for the construction industry.  Established in 1961, we provide multi-trade services that include Electrical, Mechanical and Civil on a single source basis. 


  • High, Medium and Low Voltage Power and Distribution
  • Transformer Stations
  • Traction Power and DC Systems
  • Electrical Substations
  • Cogeneration
  • DCS and SCADA Systems
  • UPS, Generators and other Critical Power Systems
  • Process and Automation
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Lighting Systems
  • Life Safety Systems


  • Millwrighting & Rigging
  • Heavy Machinery moving
  • Precision Alignment
  • Process Piping
  • Boiler Work
  • Ironwork
  • Stamping Presses
  • Tank & Pressure Vessel Installation
  • Industrial Combustion
  • Platforms & Railings
  • Industrial Equipment Installation
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)


  • Excavation/Backfill
  • Trenching
  • Forming
  • Concrete/Rebar
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Building Structures
  • Structural Steel Erection

Project Examples:

Prime / General Contractor Services

As a full-service contractor, State Group can work directly with owners as a prime / general contractor. State Group manages the project and all the trades as well as sub-contractors, creating efficiencies in the project timelines and costs.  Moreover, State Group communicates directly with the owners allowing for potential complications to be addressed quickly and effectively.

Project Examples:

Construction Management

State Group provides quality construction and project management.  State Group is ISO 9001:2015 and our team of professionals adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

Project Examples:

Maintenance Service Solutions

State Group offers a maintenance program to address today’s increasingly complex electrical and mechanical systems. Our technicians can provide a diagnostic and preventative maintenance program. We service diverse industries such as steel mills, automotive plants, data centers, public transit and metering stations. Our customers have come to rely on our technicians for emergency service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a multi-trade contractor, State Group is the single source for all your service needs.

Project Examples:

Design/Build Solutions

State Group offers Design-Build solutions for complex projects providing owners with one-stop, design and contractor services.  State Group takes on the role of General Contractor for the design, build and commissioning of a project. State Group offers a single source point of responsibility and ensures that all facets of quality, schedule, cost, and safety are provided in a seamless manner from project inception through to final commissioning.

Project Examples:

Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC)

State Group offers EPC services for complex industrial projects providing owners with a turnkey solution.  State Group is your single source contractor for the engineering, procurement and construction contract. We self perform various scopes of the electrical and mechanical work and manage subcontractors for finishing work.  In addition, State Group works with specialized engineering companies to ensure the highest quality of engineering and design services.

Project Examples:

Health & Safety Management

State Group provides a comprehensive safety program including training such as orientation, job-specific training, toolbox talks, first aid training, and training on the use of PPE. State Group tracks all training in its unique and proprietary Training Management System called “Training Tracker” which administers online training and provides certification/confirmation of test completion stamped with date. It also tracks all health and safety training completed by the worker. To complement the Training Tracker, we have a mobile app that is used for on-site construction management of all personnel on a specific project. The mobile app simplifies the process for safety log-in. It also provides on-site information for each worker on the training he/she has received.

Project Examples: