Tooling and Equipment Inventory

Tooling is requested online in our tool tracking system and delivered to each project within one day to all local projects.

As part of our return procedures, all tools and equipment are inspected. Our fully trained warehouse team has the ability to repair, certify and calibrate tools in house allowing for quick and accurate turnaround times.

In addition to tools, The State Group warehouse upholds an extensive line of rolling stock allowing for machinery on demand.

Our clients can rely on State Group to have a highly skilled workforce with the proper tools and equipment for shutdowns, critical and sensitive projects.

Warehouse locations:

Mississauga, ON – 40,000 sf

Hamilton, ON – 15,000 sf

Evansville, IN – 30,000 sf

Janesville, WI – 17,000 sf

Detroit, MI – 15,000 sf

Buffalo, NY – 10,000 sf

Louisville, KY – 22,000 sf

Solway, MN – 10,000 sf